About Us

Like all things in Silicon Valley, the idea of Aram Sei germinated when a group of like-minded volunteers decided to Aram Sei which in Tamil means, help others. Aram Sei intends to help grassroots organizations raise money to support endeavors that aim to provide basic education and healthcare. Aram Sei’s core values include:

  • Operate with very low overheads.
  • Support grassroots organizations that do not have a proper fundraising channel.
  • Create awareness about supporting grassroots charities and social issues.

The Aram Sei team comprises an eclectic mix of personalities from diverse fields such as engineers, entrepreneurs, IT, human resources, and sales professionals. Our team has a successful track record in managing fundraising events and outreach programs and is united by their passion to make a difference where possible. Aram Sei is a 501(c)(3) Certified Nonprofit Organization.