Current Projects – 2017


Snehadhara foundation is a registered non-profit based in Bangalore. Snehadhara’s “Uhuru” is one of the first schools to adopt Arts Based Therapy. The creative initiatives of  the Snehadhara team – midweek overnight stays, buddy learning system, kitchen project (Oota-Tota), Pipilika (a program for caregivers and parents) and several others – have uniquely created a space for the differently abled to learn, heal and grow. Arts Based Therapy enhances development through the deliberate combination and involvement of both the body and the mind.

Aram Sei is helping to raise funds to subsidize the tuition for the children attending the Uhuru program.


Payir was founded in 2005 with the goal of empowering rural communities through holistic development activities. Payir aims to bring about lasting changes by facilitating improvements across multiple aspects of people’s lives – including social, economic, health and educational – and by creating local ownership. Over the years, volunteers of Payir have come across young children who drop out of school for various reasons and find it hard to reintegrate due to lack of support. Through their Residential Special Training Center (RSTC), Payir provides these children love, good nutrition, healthcare and a holistic learning experience.

RSTC is now home to 30 children between the ages of 5-14 years. In addition to housing orphans and kids from extremely deprived families, the center helps them to catch up with their peers in traditional schools. Payir offers separate training for those who are above 14 years and don’t fit into regular schooling systems and help them get placed in vocational programs.

At Aram Sei, we aim to support Payir’s RSTC program by raising funds to support costs related to food, healthcare and education. We believe this is a great way to support a truly grassroots organization that does excellent work in the areas of education and healthcare.

2016 Projects

Futures Re(a)d Carpet Literacy


2015 Projects

Projects for 2015 are currently under review and will be posted once finalized.

If you would like to submit a project, please write to us by filling up this form.

2014 Projects

Shiksha Ki Ore(Towards Education) is a non-formal school that works in Nattbasti, and aims to make quality education infrastructure accessible to those kids who have been deprived of the opportunity of a formal education or have dropped out due to financial constraints. Shiksha Ki Ore is a bridge program that aims to motivate the children to join regular school.

Unmarked Streets (La Aranera) La Arenera is located in Villa Nueva, one of the most dangerous places Guatemala. According to Guatemalan’s Human Rights Chairman in 2012, 289 boys under the age of 17 were prosecuted for murder, because they are being hired by the gangs as hitmen (or hitboys). Further, 16,339 girls in this community between the ages of 10 and 19 became pregnant last year. Unmarked Streets provides a practical solution for mothers in this community to earn income and still protect their children. By offering flexible workshop and office hours, women can work on their jewelry at home and during office hours that suit their needs and still be available for their children.

2013 Projects

Our goal is to support grassroots charities that are already making an impact in the areas of education and healthcare. We support projects through our fundraising activities and by building awareness in the community. We hope to raise $100,000 in 2013. Here are our current projects:

Vanavil aims to support the children primarily from the nomadic tribes of South India through a residential school in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. This school provides education and a better life for about 140 children who are born into acute poverty. Vanavil’s mission is to educate the children, provide livelihood and empower nomadic communities.

Pudiyador runs three centers in Chennai, India,  that offer about 120 underprivileged children a safe, interactive, fun and hands-on learning environment. These centers are run by volunteers from the local community and deliver nutritious meals and healthcare support in addition to after-school education.

Community Health Education Society (CHES), Chennai, India, is dedicated to rehabilitating orphaned or abandoned children living with HIV. Our goal for this year is to provide funding support for educating over 100 children at CHES.

The Grateful Garment Project, Campbell CA, provides assistance to victims of sexual assault in several California counties including the counties of Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz. Aram Sei aims to deliver essential supplies that will provide immediate support to over 200 victims of sexual assault.

2012 Projects

St. Thomas High School, Virapandianpatnam, India is a 67 year old school catering to 750 children in a rural community. Our target for this year is to help 35 students from this school receive 100% tuition aid and books for sustaining their education for one year.

Arunodhaya Center for Street and Working Children is a 20 year NGO that helps rehabilitate exploited street children in the 7-14 age group in Chennai, India. We aim to support 85 children at Arunodhaya with education, food, clothing for one year.

Unite to Help, Chennai, India, is a 3 year old grassroots volunteer group that helps fund education for children from poor families. We are looking to raise funds to help make scholarships available for 150 additional students for one year.

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