Seed Events


Past Events

Holi Celebration at the Bishop Ranch Community – Mar 14th 2014

Bishop Ranch 2014

‘Hand in Hand’ – a fundraiser organized by FUSION After School for Aram Sei – 12th & 13th of Dec 2013

FUSION After School 2013

Aram Sei Diwali Celebrations in association with the San Jose Public Library – Oct 25, 2013

Math Bee Contest at Rainbow Math After School, Newark – Sep 28, 2013


Community Outreach Program, Fremont Library – Aug 03, 2013

Bishop Ranch Community Gathering & Holi Celebration – March 22, 2013

Aram Sei at Bishop Ranch

Talent Hunt at Rainbow Montessori, Sunnyvale, CA – March 22, 2013

Art by Children at Rainbow Montessori


Talent Hunt at Rainbow Math After School, Newark, CA – Jul 15, 2012

Little Champions 2012 @ Salinas – May 12, 2012

Tulip Art Contest & Talent Hunt – March 18, 2012

Little Champions @ FUSION After School – March 9, 2012

About Seed Events

It would be an understatement to say that Aram Sei are looking for an army of volunteers that can open their hearts and do whatever little they can to reach out to others that need help most. We do not want to limit our activities to any particular region and hence we have come up with the concept of Aram Sei Seed Events. Become an Aram Sei Seed Event organizer and let a million flowers bloom! 

What are Aram Sei Seed Events?

Aram Sei Seed Events are localized fund-raising activities that can be organized wherever you are. If you are an individual or a small group of friends with a desire to help, get in touch with us to talk about how you can help. You can raise as little as $50 through your own Seed Event. Seed Events could be a local drawing competition for kids in your block or in your school, or it could be a pledge drive at your local hospital. The only requirement for conducting a Seed Event is that it should capture the need to help children have access to education or make healthcare accessible to all.